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tnftp "savefile" Arbitrary Command Execution

This Metasploit module exploits an arbitrary command execution vulnerability in tnftp’s handling of the resolved output filename – called “savefile” in the source – from a requested resource. If tnftp is executed without the -o command-line option, it will resolve the output filename from the last component of the requested resource. If the output filename […]

Unitrends UEB bpserverd Authentication Bypass / Remote Command Execution

It was discovered that the Unitrends bpserverd proprietary protocol, as exposed via xinetd, has an issue in which its authentication can be bypassed. A remote attacker could use this issue to execute arbitrary commands with root privilege on the target system. Source: Unitrends UEB bpserverd Authentication Bypass / Remote Command Execution

Polycom Command Shell Authorization Bypass

The login component of the Polycom Command Shell on Polycom HDX video endpoints, running software versions 3.0.5 and earlier, is vulnerable to an authorization bypass when simultaneous connections are made to the service, allowing remote network attackers to gain access to a sandboxed telnet prompt without authentication. Versions prior to 3.0.4 contain OS command injection […]

Shadowsocks Log Manipulation / Command Execution

Several issues have been identified, which allow attackers to manipulate log files, execute commands and to brute force Shadowsocks with enabled brute force detection. Brute force detection from does not work with suggested tail command. The key of captured Shadowsocks traffic can be brute forced. The latest commit 2ab8c6b on Sep 6, 2017 […]