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Zoom Linux Client 2.0.106600.0904 Buffer Overflow

The binary /opt/zoom/ZoomLauncher is vulnerable to a buffer overflow because it concatenates a overly long user input to a stack variable without checking if the destination buffer is long enough to hold the data. The binary also has important security features like canary turned off. The client registers a scheme handler (zoommtg://) and this makes […]

Advantech WebAccess 8.2 Stack Buffer Overflow

This Metasploit module exploits a stack buffer overflow in Advantech WebAccess version 8.2. By sending a specially crafted DCERPC request, an attacker could overflow the buffer and execute arbitrary code. Source: Advantech WebAccess 8.2 Stack Buffer Overflow

QEMU 2.10 Buffer Overflow

QEMU version 2.10 suffers from an NBD server long export name stack buffer overflow vulnerability. This was introduced with commit f37708f6b8. Source: QEMU 2.10 Buffer Overflow