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Dameware Mini Remote Control 4.0 Username Stack Buffer Overflow

This Metasploit module exploits a stack based buffer overflow vulnerability found in Dameware Mini Remote Control v4.0. The overflow is caused when sending an overly long username to the DWRCS executable listening on port 6129. The username is read into a strcpy() function causing an overwrite of the return pointer leading to arbitrary code execution. […]

NEC EXPRESS CLUSTER clpwebmc Remote Root

NEC EXPRESS CLUSTER comes with Cluster Manager, a Java applet for cluster configuration and management. The underlying webserver ‘clpwebmc’ runs as root and accepts connections on TCP port 29003 which can be initiated without authentication in the default installation. Source: NEC EXPRESS CLUSTER clpwebmc Remote Root

WebClientPrint Processor Updates Remote Code Execution

RedTeam Pentesting discovered that rogue updates trigger a remote code execution vulnerability in WebClientPrint Processor (WCPP). These updates may be distributed through specially crafted websites and are processed without any user interaction as soon as the website is accessed. However, the browser must run with administrative privileges. Version is affected. Source: WebClientPrint Processor […]