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FLIR Systems FLIR Thermal Camera PT-Series (PT-334 200562) Remote Root

FLIR Camera PT-Series suffers from multiple unauthenticated remote command injection vulnerabilities. The vulnerability exist due to several POST parameters in controllerFlirSystem.php script when calling the execFlirSystem() function not being sanitized when using the shell_exec() PHP function while updating the network settings on the affected device. This allows the attacker to execute arbitrary system commands as […]

Dasan Networks GPON ONT WiFi Router H64X Series Authentication Bypass

Dasan Networks GPON ONT WiFi Router H64X Series does not properly perform authentication and authorization, allowing it to be bypassed through cookie manipulation. Setting the Cookie ‘Grant’ with value 1 (user) or 2 (admin) will bypass security controls in place enabling the attacker to take full control of the device management interface. Source: Dasan Networks […]