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CommuniGatePro 6.2 Missing XIMSS Tag Validation

CommunigatePro XML Interface to Messaging, Scheduling, and Signaling protocol (“XIMSS”) version 6.2 suffers from a missing XIMSS protocol validation vulnerability that can lead to an email spoofing attack. Source: CommuniGatePro 6.2 Missing XIMSS Tag Validation

WebClientPrint Processor TLS Validation

RedTeam Pentesting discovered that WebClientPrint Processor (WCPP) does not validate TLS certificates when initiating HTTPS connections. Thus, a man-in-the-middle attacker may intercept and/or modify HTTPS traffic in transit. This may result in a disclosure of sensitive information and the integrity of printed documents cannot be guaranteed. Version is affected. Source: WebClientPrint Processor TLS […]