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JTempest Windows ExtIO 32-Bit

TempestSDR is an open source tool that allows you to use any SDR that has a supporting ExtIO (such as RTL-SDR, Airspy, SDRplay, HackRF) to receive the unintentional signal radiation from a screen, and turn that signal back into a live image. This is a pre-compiled version of the project that is built to work […]

Microsoft Windows Kernel Pool Address Derivation

The OpenType ATMFD.DLL kernel-mode font driver on Windows has an undocumented “escape” interface, handled by the standard DrvEscape and DrvFontManagement functions implemented by the module. The interface is very similar to Buffered IOCTL in nature, and handles 13 different operation codes in the numerical range of 0x2502 to 0x2514. It is accessible to user-mode applications […]

Microsoft Windows LNK File Code Execution

This Metasploit module exploits a vulnerability in the handling of Windows Shortcut files (.LNK) that contain a dynamic icon, loaded from a malicious DLL. This vulnerability is a variant of MS15-020 (CVE-2015-0096). The created LNK file is similar except an additional SpecialFolderDataBlock is included. The folder ID set in this SpecialFolderDataBlock is set to the […]