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MS17-010 EternalBlue SMB Remote Windows Kernel Pool Corruption

This Metasploit module is a port of the Equation Group ETERNALBLUE exploit, part of the FuzzBunch toolkit released by Shadow Brokers. There is a buffer overflow memmove operation in Srv!SrvOs2FeaToNt. The size is calculated in Srv!SrvOs2FeaListSizeToNt, with mathematical error where a DWORD is subtracted into a WORD. The kernel pool is groomed so that overflow […]

Microsoft Windows Kernel bind() Out-Of-Bounds Read

Two related bugs have been discovered in the Microsoft Windows kernel code responsible for implementing the bind() socket function, specifically in the afd!AfdBind and tcpip!TcpBindEndpoint routines. They both can lead to reading beyond the allocated pool-based buffer memory area, potentially allowing user-mode applications to disclose kernel-mode secrets. They can also be exploited to trigger a […]

Windows MsMpEng Type Confusion

MPEngine MsMpEng in Microsoft Windows 8, 8.1, 10, Windows Server, SCEP, Microsoft Security Essentials, and more suffers from a remotely exploitable type confusion. Source: Windows MsMpEng Type Confusion